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hello nurse!

Hello world and welcome to the many minds of moi.  Yeah, that is a bit pretentious,  yet I’m fairly sure you’ll never be bored.

wow, yawning already?  I’m pretty sure that I get to entertain you by merely stating that I’m the following: schizophrenic,  unmedicated and potentially unemployed.  How’d I get that way? The world may NEVER know…seriously though,  that’s what this blog is for.

Years ago,  in a land far away and fulla people (south bronx) a baby was born (as opposed to merely being hatched)…

there’s more,  yet NOW I’m bored, so stay tuned and if y’all are truly amazed by the wit, sarcasm and utterly butterly foolishness of my all…come back, sit a spell, take ya shoes of, ya hair?