Compared to What?

To love, to loathe, to live, to laugh…to grow increasingly bitter with each setback, each person who disappoints, each selfish moment, each unnecessary lie, each hateful act of omission and/or commission. I’m a cauldron of disenfranchisement; NOT a little teapot! My sarcasm has become duller than a dollar store plastic knife. The expiration date on my mind is long past due. And there is no recall.


Like Totally Gag me with a Spoon

So I have a great question/observation here…why do white women with mixed children generally look at me as though I’m EITHER a great threat to them, their children OR their man…ORRRRR I have all the solutions for their daughters’s hair care….whut da whut?
I protest:I’m not mixed,and its taken me 40+ years to grow into loving MY own hair,thank ye kindly. Meanwhile, the world has far more pressing problems than my insecure ash worrying about hair, complexion, racial standards and the like….until next time; you COULD meet me AT the water cooler. …but I’m far too cool to be thirsty.