PC “Private Christianity”

It appears – that I MUST now-a-days

Most carefully – watch e’rythaing I say

For fear of offending those along my way

My yae & my nay – have all become my “may”…

Be…cause I only speak in jest

This could end up w/my arrest

Or at best…on Jerry I shall be a guest. ..


The Freedom to speak my mind

To the free, the dumb, the blind, the prejudiced who have become…

The arbitrators of what is couth

I turn to will and say FORSOOTH…

For them fokes – afraid to say their pieces

of declaration,  salvation,  and love of Jesus

Hell;  Stewie says worse & Homer salutesJeebus?

And none of this offends the masses?

Cuz 9 out of 10 of them some __________

Fill in the blank on your own – some

I proclaim my GOD, tho’ at times I do feel lonesome on this journey w/only my

Savior to guide me – FCC/CIA can ride me…

But I gots the Holy Spirit rite churre besides me.

C – I don’t call GHOSTBUSTERS when evil knocks on my do’

&:my kneecaps STAY ashy being on my flo’…


if I can’t say what I want and believe;  when I desire – about that which I wish w/an


Then…what ain’t necessarily so; dictates WHY I AIN’T GWON SAY NO MO!



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