Err duh…

Hey,  I’ve attended college (I would have said “gone to college, but that leaves so much open for interpretation…) got a degree, learned about other cultures and cool ‘stuff’…EVEN did a theological class OR TWO. Yet…some days I just don’t “get” the big worded mumbly jumble that spews from the minds of those who are currently in seminary/theological/bible school…there’s this seemingly endless supply of WORDS that mean nothing, but sound delicious (In the time it takes to not only look up the definition of most of the words, you could have just said the point and moved on, heck, you could have finished the entire speech).

I know that someone is going to be ready to take me to task about this, HOWEVER, if college educated people are scratching their heads trying to figure out what you said/wrote…how do you expect others less learned to over OR understand you?

That’s when teeny-tiny light bulbs EXPLODE! The actual intention of your ‘dissertation’ IS to confuse, confound and contain the masses WHILE showing just how many dictionary/thesaurus words you can concoct and say nearly nothing at all.

Ah ha! Foiled and shrink-wrapped again evil, boastful literati! Mediocrity wins again!

Now for those whose vastly enlarged cerebra may NOT be developed enough to “get” sarcasm…you’re going to be slightly vexed by this. To that offense I shall add (because being in for a penny isn’t nearly as much fun as being overweight…it’ll come to you EVENTUALLY) that even GOD doesn’t care for boastful, wordy braggarts; your mewlings are like eels….just slipping out of your mouths with the intention of intimidation.

I’m sure you can do better, you choose to act as though you are better and that reads to me AS BITTER….get Ya hearts right and your minds will follow. Know that uneducated does not necessarily mean ig’nant; however, education doesn’t always equal wisdom.

Good day sir and ma’am,  I SAY GOOD DAY!


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