How do I say “goodbye”…

It’s not just a song from the movie Cooley High…it’s a question and concern LOTS of us have about LOTS of people, places and situations in our lives.

How DO we say goodbye to the very things that we love and YET don’t love us back?

We learn the difference between letting go and giving up; letting go of a bad habit can increase longevity and productivity in your life. Giving up tends to decrease the best in you and your interests.

Letting go means that you have arrived at the destination of informed choices and have DECIDED to part, go about your separate ways and NOT ONLY wish one another well (at least do so for yourself), you are looking forward to being and bringing the best “YOU” possible to the table.

Giving up means that the surrender is deep: it’s the only way you seem to survive…it’s a pessimistic view of EVERYTHING in your life…and rarely allows for growth, change, chances, OR having a blessed future. Furthermore, giving up DECREASES your likelihood of even IMAGINING a life FULL of opportunities for YOU.

I’m no quitter and YET saying goodbye to the very things that are harmful, hateful and not in the least bit helpful has become easier than ever before.

So to all the hateful heffas who have nothing better to do with THEIR lives; while you may never read this post, I know that letting you go far, far away from me is the best way for me to grow stronger, better, smarter, faster. And it dinnint even kill me.


One thought on “How do I say “goodbye”…”

  1. You have just solidified the choices I made. feel good after reading this. Melancholy but good! You’re so wise.


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